Manny Awards


Each healthcare communications agency and/or network is required to submit the below entry requirements. Please email/upload all of your materials for submitted categories.

  • April Agency Profile Submission: $600 per entry
  • April Agency Network Profile Submission: $600 per entry
  • Most Creative Agency Entry Fee: $450 per entry
  • Best Managed Markets Campaign: $450 per entry 
  • Best Professional Campaign Digital, Print: $450 per entry 
  • Best Consumer Campaign Radio/TV, Digital, Print: $450 per entry
  • Best Medical Device Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Experiential Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Patient Engagement Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Philanthropic Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Agency Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Nonbranded Consumer Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Nonbranded Professional Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Social Media Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Rare Disease Campaign: $450 per entry
  • Best Launch Campaign: $450 per entry 
  • Industry Person of the Year nomination: $0 per entry
  • Most Admired Agency nomination: $0 per entry
  • Heart Award nomination: $0 per entry
  • Marketer on the Rise: $450 per entry
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion: $450 per entry
  • Vision Award nomination: $450 per entry


Download the check list - Click here!

Due By February 10th*

  • Creative Campaign Submission Form 
  • Creative Visuals that will be used in the April issue and Manny Awards voting
  •  For Most Creative Agency:
    • Submit up to five samples of your work that showcase the range of creativity at your agency
  • For Best Professional Campaign (Digital, Print), Best Managed Markets Campaign, Best Consumer Campaign (Radio/TV, Digital, Print), Best Medical Device Campaign, Best Agency Campaign, Best Nonbranded (Consumer, Professional) Campaign, and Best Philanthropic Campaign, Best Experiential Campaign, Best Patient Engagement Campaign, Best Social Media Campaign, and Best Rare Disease Campaign:
    • Submit up to three samples for each separate campaign entered that best represent the scope of the campaign

Due By February 10th*

  • Written Profile from each healthcare communications agency for the April issue (totaling about 1,000 words each)
  • Document containing Key Agency Data for the April issue
  • Agency Roster– Accepted format: Excel (.xls) files that are sent to agencies for updating by Maria Fontanazza- Need your agency roster form? Email  

Due By February 24th*


*1) Please adhere to the submission deadline dates. Failure to do so could jeopardize your opportunity to appear in the April issue.
2) Med Ad News editors reserve the right not to publish data from agencies that have not completely filled out the documents or that do not meet our criteria. The editors reserve the right to question the data.