Manny Awards

Due By February 26th*

> Written Profile from each healthcare communications agency and network for the April issue (totaling about 1,000 words each)

> Document containing Key Agency Data or Key Network Data for the April issue

> Agency Roster – Accepted format: Excel (.xls) files that are sent to agencies for updating by Andrew Humphreys

> Creative Visuals that will be used in the April issue and Manny Awards voting

        For Most Creative Agency:
        Submit up to five samples of your work that showcase the range of creativity at your agency

        For Best Professional Campaign, Best Consumer Campaign, Best Medical Device Campaign, Best Interactive Patient     
        Campaign, Best Interactive Physician Campaign, and Best Self-Promotion Campaign:
        Submit up to three samples each for two different campaigns that best represent the scope of the campaign

        For Best Nonbranded Campaign and Best Philanthropic Campaign:
        Submit up to three samples for one campaign 

Due By February 28th*

> Nomination essay for Industry Person of the Year

> Nomination essay for Best Brand Team

> Nominations for Most Admired Agency

> Executive Photograph for agencies and networks