Manny Awards

For the Voting process:
Submit the name, title, and e-mail address of the agency representatives whom will be voting (see the note below as to whom is eligible to vote) for the creative Manny Awards to 


Voting and selection process for the Manny Awards

Voting for the Manny Awards has long been lauded for its democratic approach. More than 200 eligible agency executives are invited to participate, along with a 4 member Med Ad News staff. Two voting ballots are allowed to be submitted from each agency that is represented in the Med Ad News April Healthcare Communications issue, containing up to 3 selections per award category. The primary ballot is to be submitted by each agency’s lead creative director, with a second entry submitted by a combination of an agency’s chairman, president, and CEO. Each vote submitted as part of the first round of voting counts as one equal vote. Votes from agency executives for their own agency or an affiliated agency are discounted. All responses remain confidential.

A voting ballot is made available via Med Ad News’ Manny Awards Voting Website for carefully selected awards categories including:

  • Best Professional Campaign
  • Best Consumer Campaign
  • Best Medical Device Campaign
  • Best Philanthropic Campaign
  • Best Self Promotion
  • Best Nonbranded Campaign
  • Best Interactive Patient Campaign
  • Best Interactive Physician Campaign
  • Best Point-of-Care Campaign
  • Best Managed Markets Campaign
  • Most Creative Agency
  • Most Admired Agency

In addition, voters are invited to submit nominations for Industry Person of the Year and Best Launch Campaign of the Year.

Launched as part of the 2016 Med Ad News Manny Awards, a second level of voting conducted by a carefully vetted jury of industry experts will be conducted. Finalists in each category, determined by the initial online voting process, will be reviewed in detail by our judging panel. Each finalist campaign will be assigned a “MedAdvocate”, an unbiased representative asked to present the outstanding components of that finalist campaign and to inspire a dialogue surrounding that submission.

This process will be repeated for each category finalist, for each creative category. Following the panel’s discussion, our Jury will be asked to cast their blind ballots for our winning campaign.

Industry Person of the Year and Best Launch Campaign of the Year are reviewed and determined by Med Ad News staff based on agency nominations. Remaining categories, including Agency of the Year winners and finalists in Categories I, II, III and the Heart Award and Vision Award are decided by Med Ad News staff based on profile submissions and subsequent research and review.

The 2018 Manny Award Winners will remain sealed, to be announced at the ceremony held April 19th, 2018.



Q: Why 3 selections per category?

A: By allowing 3 selections per voting category, our potential sample size of votes increases to 600 per category, ensuring a fair and balanced result.

Q: How much weight does peer voting have on results of creative categories?

A: ~200 eligible voters from healthcare communications agencies are invited to participate in the voting process compared to a maximum 4 staff voters. At full participation, peer voting accounts for >98% of the votes. In 2015, it ranged from 92-98%.

Q: Can I win a Manny if I am not an award sponsor or advertiser in your publication?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! Voting is conducted on a blind basis in an effort to eliminate potential bias for/against agencies for any and all reasons, including marketing spend. The Manny Awards are designed to recognize excellence in healthcare communications, via our creative categories and those that recognize agency performance. The Med Ad News team is happy to set aside some time to review the correlation between self-promotion and agency performance, but it is performance that results in award recognition.

Q: Can I invite my clients to the awards ceremony?

A: Absolutely! The majority of our award categories focus on the healthcare communication agency’s role in the campaign, which often creates more of an “agency event” the evening of the Manny Awards. However, clients are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate in the evening’s activities!

Q: Why Pier Sixty as a venue?

A: The Manny Awards were moved from the Sheraton to Pier Sixty in 2012 to accommodate the growing crowd while improving sightlines. Those who attended prior to the new venue may remember seating 12 rows deep. More importantly, the new venue offered a truly spectacular menu, stunning sunset waterfront views and better reflects the culture of our industry (ie: open bar and post ceremony cocktails).

Q: Why are Manny statues so heavy?

A: They are crafted from material yet to be identified on the periodic table of elements. Some say it comes directly from the meteor responsible for the extinction of the Dinosaurs and is intended to represent a continually evolving marketplace of pharmaceutical marketing. Several other theories are currently being investigated, but what it is a widely accepted historical fact is that it was Professor Plum, with the Manny Award, in the library.

Q: Why only 3 finalists and 1 “winner”?

A: We understand this can be a sensitive subject, and not all awards programs are created equal. While we want as many participating, and attending, agencies as possible each year, we wouldn’t want to diminish the value of the recognition simply to fill more seats. Unfortunately, increasing the number of finalists and introducing both first and second place winners would ultimately take the Manny Awards in a different direction.

Q: Why the change in voting format?

A: Over the past few years, the Med Ad News team has carefully reviewed the impact a second level of voting would have on the process. Using a modified pilot program (tested, not applied) for the 2015 awards, only one category result would have changed with the 2nd round of voting. To some, this may suggest that no updates needed to be made to the process. However, with well over 50 submissions for some of our more popular category, we do feel that implementation of a live jury review of the finalists will ensure that the winner is ultimately selected based on the merit of the campaign as compared directly among the finalists.

Q: Can I serve on the Jury? What is a MedAdvocate?

A: The Med Ad News staff, with input from jury members, work together to assemble a balanced team of judges. In 2016, we began with some of the creative forces behind our recent “Most Creative Agency” recipients, as well as others who have been recognized as leaders in the industry. The dialogue generated at the live jury event will provide opportunity to carefully review each perspective surrounding the finalists’ campaigns. While some jury members may be invited in consecutive years, the goal is to rotate from the pool of qualified candidates.

A: A MedAvocate is the assigned champion for a finalist’s campaign. We rely on these spokepeople to initiate a dialogue among the jury and point out key aspects of the creative submission for discussion.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact or with additional questions surrounding the Manny Awards submission and voting process. We look forward to your participation!