Manny Awards

H2) Best Consumer Digital Entry Fee

Best Consumer Digital

Due by February 2nd
Agencies may submit up to three samples each per campaign or entry that best represent the scope of the campaign. These can be print ads, videos (links cannot identify the agency), and other collateral materials aimed at consumers (patients or caregivers) that promote a branded therapeutic medicine. For videos or any other electronic collateral (including mpegs, MP3s, .WAV files, etc.), please do not send the actual files, but an anonymized link to an anonymous hosting site where the pieces can be viewed. Any agency not represented on the voting Website either did not meet the eligibility requirements for this award or did not submit creative materials by the deadline. 
Please do not submit agency-branded materials for this category because the creative Website voting will be blinded to help ensure that the best work is nominated rather than the agency name behind the creative.
 In a separate Word document, please indicate which visuals you would prefer to accompany your magazine profile in the Med Ad News April edition (magazine visuals can be those that were submitted for the Manny Awards, or you may include separate materials to be showcased in the printed agency profile)
 As a form of acknowledgement for your creative materials, please feel free to submit the names of the individuals who worked on each campaign.
 Mark each sample with the name of your agency, provide a brief description of the sample: the type of promotional piece (print advertisement for healthcare audience, print advertisement for consumer audience, television commercial, radio commercial, visual aid, detail piece, etc.) and the objective of the promotional piece. If a description/objective is not provided, Med Ad News editors may generate the necessary copy to accompany the visual in the April print publication. Please feel free to number the creative samples by order of publication preference since editorial space is limited.
 Please indicate from your submitted group of creative samples which advertisements should be included in our online voting and for which categories.